In-School Programs: Junior

Grades 4-6


Intro to Improv

In this fun and engaging workshop, students will learn to think quickly, collaboratively and playfully as they participate in improv exercises and games. By taking risks, students will gain increased confidence and showcase their unique senses of humour.

ECT Intro.png

Creating Original Characters

Using movement and voice, students will respond to prompts to create original characters. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to act and play as their original characters. This workshop has students leaving understanding the physical elements of character.

ECT Characters.png

Committing to the Moment

This fast paced workshop will have students jumping into fun improv games that will have them thinking on their feet and solving problems in inventive ways. Students will feel more confident as they take risks and listen to their creative impulses.

Performance Coaching

Whether your class is preparing for a showcase for parents or improv team is readying for competition, this workshop will get your students ready to perform. An Eastbound Comedy coach can also assist in designing your improv show or showcase. 


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